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Maverik Lacrosse


Maverik Lacrosse was founded in 2005 by John Gagliardi and Jay Jalbert. Later acquired by a new holdings company, the client needed to reposition the brand and create a clear message to differentiate from growing competitors. The challenge was to create a refreshed brand aesthetic that would attract and engage a younger, vibrant audience in line with the forecasted audience demographics.



Through our in-depth discovery phase, we searched for opportunities within the competitive landscape that the brand could rightfully own while best representing its core strengths. Maverik Lacrosse needed a clear differentiator, and we found that through its history and roster of talented players. When the brand was first developed, it was highly focused on its innovative products and the benefits they offered. The refreshed brand brought these concepts back to the forefront while highlighting those who benefited most – the players.

The result was the brand tagline, “Powered by the Player.”

Images and copy supported the concept with stories of player performance and aspiration. Using movement, action, and power, we created a rich, emotional connection that inspired confidence and excitement.

(Lifestyle < Emotional Connection > Product)  

The result was a highly energetic, refreshed brand that re-engaged its core audience and created interest and participation within the new growing community.


“They did a great job balancing the legacy and the history of the brands with the new brand attributes.”

Nicholas Skally | Director of Brand Marketing | Maverick